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Air/Screen Cleaners

The DAMAS UniSeed is a new generation of cleaning machines, aiming at large farms and small industries, requiring a flexible production with a good cleaning result in terms of quality. This modular machine consists of a screen cleaner, which can be provided with a feeding device with or without clipper-de-awner and a presuction unit as required.

Compared to the capacity, the machine is space saving. It is easy to install as required.Click on picture for brochure.


Cleaning and Grading Machine with screens, pre and after-suction, with two screen cases. Universal field of application. Pre-cleaning and fine cleaning of grain and seed.


The DAMAS Vibam is a universal machine well suited for pre- and fine cleaning many different species of grain and heavy seeds. The standard design of the machine is provided with both pre- and aftersuction units. Quick screen changing from precleaning into fine cleaning by the operator serves to optimize the cleaning tasks. The Vibam is a very competitive machine, both as regards price and capacity as well as function and operation.  The technology of the machine is thoroughly tested, which can be documented by many references all over the world.

  • Easy and quick operation and screen changing.
  • The screen boxes are made of wear resistant Wisa-form plywood, which is approved for food.
  • Screen cleaning with special rubber balls.
  • Built-in light.
  • Durable surface of the machine owing to high-quality powder lacquering.


The DAMAS OMEGA is a further development of previous DAMAS machines for cleaning grain and seed.  The OMEGA is very flexible and can therefore be used for all cleaning and grading tasks from pre-cleaning to finecleaning.  The OMEGA is available in a number of different designs and sizes for different purposes.  The OMEGA is available with or without recycling air systems and can consequently be adapted to local requirements for exchange of air, recovery of heat, etc.

The air systems for pre- and aftersuction are totally separate, which offers the advantage that it is possible to make individual, independent adjustments and consequently simplify the operation. Another advantage of the separate air systems is that the air aspiration becomes more efficient.

  • The enclosed machine is comparatively noiseless.
  • The screen boxes are made of Wisa-form, which is very wear resistant (and approved for provisions).
  • Screen cleaning with special rubber balls.
  • Variable feed control as standard.
  • The material is distributed on the screens by means of worms (optional for some of the types).



Q-Sage Inc.

Air/Screen Cleaner

Each Machine is engineered to the specific needs of the customer, resulting in an investment that is thoughly utlized.  Optional 60" wide screens provide additional capacity above the competition at minimal cost.  All units feature high tolerance, quality screens and ball tray systems.  These are custom made by the Quality Custom Screen Company, the leader in precision made screens and ball tray systems.  All Eccentric Components are CNC machined to a tight tolerance, resulting is a straight & true shake action of the screens.



Carter Day

P515 Pre-Cleaner

The P515 Pre-Cleaner is designed to meet your high capacity cleaning requirements. The cleaner’s integrated pre-suction and after-suction aspiration with scalping and sifting capability provides higher quality cleaning performance than typical pre-cleaners.

The P515 Pre-Cleaner features an exceptional drive system, easily changeable screens and a consistent air wash of the product.