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The DAMAS Pulco Aspirator is efficient for both dry and moist materials. It pre-cleans and separates all forms of granular materials by the efficient use of its built-in air system. Removal of light impurities such as straw, husks, dust and chaff is easily achieved during high capacity operation.  Click on picture for brochure.



Pneumatic Aspirators feature a floating cone design to increase cleaning efficiency. Airwashing the incoming material prior to storage eliminates unwanted foreign material in the bins (dust, chaff, pods, etc.) You get total dust control, no heat loss, less noise, no building pressures, and minimum installation costs and maintenance.



The DAMAS Lufco Aspirator is a highly efficient aspirator with built-in air recycling system for the separation of light particles from grain, seed, and other granulated material.

Lofco is unique for the separation of light products because of its highly efficient aspiration chamber iwth the newly developed turbo-technique combined with the frequency operated fan.

A doubel worm is located over the feed rollers. This worm ensures an even distribution of the material.  The capacity of the machine can be adjusted by means of the feed slide at the feed, thus permitting the most efficient separation.

Lofco is an industrial, compact, and environmentally compatible construction and is easy to operate.

  • Lofco is self-cleaning because of its hygienic design.
  • Hitherto unknown high efficiency because of the ideal distribution of material and the turbo-technique of the Lofco.
  • Lofco produces no vibration and requires very little space in relation to its capacity.
  • Lofco is low-noise, requires little power and is environmentally compatible
  • Lofco is optionally available with feed roller with frequency-controlled motor for speed regulation


Forsbergs Zig-A-Flo

Forsbergs Pneumatic Aspirators


MAGIKMagik Kleener KLEENER gravity grain cleaner offers an inexpensive alternative to the high cost of completing a process important to product quality. Most important, this screener does the job efficiently with virtually no operating expenses.

The zig-zag design consists of multiple reversing sections creating the necessary agitation needed for efficient cleaning without outside power requirements.
Think of Magik Kleener for farm and commercial grain cleaning. 
Easy access doors allow for quick cleaning and switching of screens for different products in only a few minutes from one convenient location. With minimal installation requirements the gravity screener may be attached to an elevator leg, wet or dry load out, an elevator head house, on top a dryer, under conveyors or inside a building. In most any location where your material flows downward, this cleaner can be installed.

MAGIK KLEENERS are available in 2 styles in a variety of sizes to meet all your cleaning needs. 

The Low Profile (LP) units (pictured) offer exceptional cleaning capability with a compact design making them easy to install in any set up. 

The Standard (STD) units offer a longer screen area. If you have a high percentage of foreign material this is the Kleener for you. The Standard units also offer exceptional cleaning capability, and are still compact. They are a taller unit because of increased screen length and more overall cleaning area. 


  • Cleans grain before going to market: Corn, Milo, Soybeans, Wheat, Barley, Rice, Sunflowers, etc. 
  • Reduce costly dockages for foreign material (broken kernels, dirt and dust). 
  • Reduce aeration costs and cut down on hot spots when in storage. Also reduces the amount of insect life. (Insect larvae are deprived of smaller grain particles and dust that serve as their nutrients.) 
  • Increase available storage space in bins and trucks (up to four pounds extra grain storage area for each pound of foreign material removed). 
  • Clean grain damaged from shipping and maintain quality for export. 
  • Reduce drying time. 
  • Produce a free supply of screenings that can be used as an essential component in animal feeds. 
  • Remove crumbs from pellets and fines from flaked products. 
  • Screen sands and stone.

    NOTE: Variables in grain quality and moisture content may affect results obtained.





For specifications and other information on any of our aspirators , please contact one of our product specialists or email us your specific questions.