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Magnets and Metal Detection

The Perfect Grain Milling Processing Plant

Bunting Magnetics

Plate Magnets for Spouting and Processing Equipment

Bunting Plate Magnets install easily in chutes to remove ferrous fines, as well as large pieces of tramp iron, from many types of free-flowing and pneumatically conveyed material.  They can handle powdery, moist, lumpy, and abrasive products and large debris that might choke, bridge, or cause repid wear in cartridge-based seperators.  Plate Magents can also be installed above conveyros or below conveyro drive pulleys to capture contaminants as material drops from open belts.  Standard installation kits include a pre-drilled hinge, latch and otehr hardware to ensure easy mounting.



Magnetic Torpedo In-Line

Permanent Magnetic Protection for Vacuum Systems

Our Torpedo In-Line Magnets (TIM) provides permanent magnetic protection for vacuum systems. They clamp directly into flexible hoses to capture ferrous contaminants. The compact TIM is an ideal option for use between gaylords and vacuum loaders wherever overhead space is limited.


Torpedo In-Line Magnets feature space-saving design and permanent Rare Earth magnets for high-energy tramp-iron capture and holding power.


Quicktron 05 with Cowbell Diverter

This Quicktron 05 model features a Bell Style Diverter and is ideal Free-Falling Bulk Materials


Other features include:

  • High-speed processing
  • Triple-coil detection for superior accuracy
  • Adjustable sensitivity and rejection cycling
  • Automatic Product-Effect Compensation for reduced good product loss
  • Electronics sealed against moisture and dust for long service life
  • Fast, easy cleaning




clip_image007Cross Belt Separators


Bunting® Magnetic Co. Magnetic Cross-Belt Conveyors are the ‘Conveyor of Choice’ for continuous over-conveyor separation for the Recycling Industry to magnetically separate out ferrous materials from non-ferrous materials and protect Shredder and Grinder Equipment. Whether you are in the Plastic, Tire, Paper, Wood or E-Scrap Recycling business, our Magnetic Cross-Belts will do a great job of removing tramp metal to clean your product and to protect your Shredder and Grinder Equipment from costly knife damage. Or if you are in the mining industry, Bunting® Magnetic Cross-Belts do a great job removing teeth or scrap steel before damage to Crushers can occur.


Magnetic Sweepers - Push

The Push Sweeper is an economical, labor-saving solution to the problem of keeping plant floors, parking areas, sidewalks, and construction sites free of damaging ferrous debris.

clip_image011The powerful “high reach-out” plate magnet on the PS-series rides on 7” diameter plastic wheels with rubber treads for easy going even on rough surfaces. Push Sweepers offer balanced weight for comfortable operation and fold-down handles for space-saving storage. They’re available in 2-foot and 3-foot widths.


DCM Conveyor – Metron C Metal Detector

Protect Your Product Purity, Safeguard Your Machinery!

The combination of our DCM Conveyor and Metron C Metal Detection provides our customer peace of mind with superior metal detection within your manufacturing process. These units can be custom built to exact specifications – ready for installation.

The DCM Conveyor,which as a Nema 4x Rating for pressure washdown protection, features:

  • Direct drive reducers and motors
  • Controls with start/stop buttons
  • Adjustable height leveling pads or castors
  • 300 series stainless steel tubing frame
  • Modular belting
  • Multiple reject options available

The Metron “C” Metal Detector, a one piece tunnel-style triple-coil detector, surrounds the DCM conveyor belt to sense metal contaminants. It features:

  • Waterproof construction (Nema 4x Rating)
  • Automatic product tracing
  • Temperature compensation
  • Built-in-digital event counter
  • Epoxy-filled search head
  • Serial interface (rs-232)
  • Multi-level password protection


HF Series Drawer Magnets

Versatile Drawer Magnets Fit Many Applications

Bunting® HF Series Drawer Magnets are equipped with powerful magnetic cartridges to handle a wide range of separation tasks in mechanical or gravity flow applications. They can be configured with two or more cartridge trays arranged so that the cartridges are staggered to increase contact with the product stream. Material moves in a zig-zag pattern from one cartridge tray to the next for exceptionally thorough cleaning. They are available in utility, powder, food, and sanitary construction grades with three cleaning options and stainless steel housings. We supply custom transitions to match your spouting.

Self-Cleaning Options Save Labor and Downtime

In the standard configuration, ferrous debris is removed from the cartridges by sliding the trays out of the housing and wiping them off by hand. Self-Cleaning HF Drawer Magnets are designed to fully extend the magnetic cartridges outside the housing. As these tube assemblies travel outside the housing, grommets wipe the tubes clean all the way to their nonmagnetic tapered ends. This ensures that each cartridge is fully wiped and prevents captured tramp iron from reentering the housings.

Self-cleaning models are available in both manual and fully automatic pneumatic versions and in tube-over-tube configurations. Pneumatic units can be installed in hard-to-reach locations because they operate at the touch of a remote switch or by a Bunting-engineered automated control package.

CE Cerification

The Bunting® HF Series Drawer Magnet product line has earned the CE mark for the European Economic Area (EEA). The CE marking certifies that a product has met EU health, safety, and environmental requirements, which ensures consumer safety. 
Other product highlights include:

  • Pre-engineered for fast field installation.
  • Transitions available for round, square, or rectangular spouting.
  • Multiple trays of staggered magnetic cartridges provide increased contact with product flow for more complete metal capture.
  • Order Ceramic, Alnico, or Rare Earth magnets to get the holding force right for your application.
  • Specify mild or stainless steel construction.
  • Housing design allows easy access to magnets.
  • Self-cleaning models offer labor-saving convenience.

Introducing Bunting® Magnetics HF Continuous Cleaning Drawer Magnets

Bunting’s New Pneumatic Continuous-Cleaning HF Series Drawer Magnet.

  • Cleans “on-the-fly” with no disruption of product flow.
  • Patent Pending