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Seed Treaters

USC Seed Treaters are offered in stationary and portable units, stationary units are very competitively priced.  The design of this treater with the gentle mixing drum makes this unit very gentle as it handles the grain reducing damage to grain that would occur when using an auger type treater.

USC, LLC Seed Treaters



LP Series Seed Treater

USC's most popular treateing unit, with it's simple design, allows for easy calibration of both seed and chemical flows.  It's self-emptying feature accomiodates easy changeover of seed types.  This continuous flow seed treating system will treat up to 2000 bushels/hour.  It arrives pre-wired, and ready to operate with the stainless steel mix tank, pumping system, and control panel.  Three modesl are availabe; the LP800, LP2000, and LP4000, with capacities ranging from 800 to 3600 bushels per hour.  Click on picture for brochure.


AT500 Seed Treater

The AT500 used a 6-foot auger with poly cupped flighting and spray tips to apply treatment to seed.  This continuous flow seed treateing system will treat up to 500 bushels per hour.  It arrives pre-wired with the frame supporting the chemical tank, pump and control panel.  Click on picture for brochure.





2000 Series Conveyrors

The 2000 series conveyors have an enclosed frame which reduces dust and spillage.  They are designed for seed applications, yet are extremely gentle on fragile seeds.  It comes with a built-in towing hitch for easy portability and a manual winch for easy height adjustment.  Available from 25 to 55 feet in length with or without undercarriage.  Click on picture for brochure.


Portable Seed Treatment Package

USC's portable seed treatment package is the complete seed treatment system offered on wheels.  This system works great for on-site seed treating and can be easily stored. Our user-friendly equipment arrieves at your site ready to set up and treat seed.  Click on picture for brochure.